DJ Music-Making Showcase

Give a Beat and Everyone Deserves a Chance

DJ Music-Making Showcase
October 7th, 2015
Boys & Girls Club, Laguna Beach

Give a Beat and Everyone Deserves a Chance, two Orange County-based nonprofit organizations present their DJ Music-Making Showcase, a fun, hands-on interactive workshop to the Boys & Girls Club at Laguna Beach on Wednesday October 7th 2015 from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM. This collaborative and inspirational workshop is geared toward teaching youth introductory techniques of DJ’ing electronic music as a tool to educate and empower.

Attendees can expect to learn the historical and social context of dance music, as well as explore a variety of DJ equipment including Turntables, Pioneer DJ and Traktor DJ. They’ll get a taste of the experience with some basic instructional demonstrations accompanied with hands-on participation.

Miguel Contreras, Assistant Director of Teen Services is eager for this fresh approach to helping inspire creativity in youth, “The creation of electronic music is an art form that comes from the use of different types of electronic components, technics and most importantly, imagination and creativity. This is why I think that electronic music can be a fun and creative way to learn about this type of technology; incorporating it into our STEM programming will be very beneficial to our members". This is the first workshop at the Boys & Girls Club with the intention of bringing many more to Laguna Beach.

It’s also inspirational for the instructors; DJ Sascha Lahti states, “You can’t believe the look on kids' faces when they mix two tracks together and begin to see how music fills you with emotion and how it can change lives – it’s priceless!”


Give a Beat is a California based organization that serves as a catalyst for social change by bridging global electronic dance music culture with youth and families impacted by incarceration.
Give a Beat’s President & Co-Founder Lauren Segal, is also the owner of the 34 year-old T-Shirt  Company at Laguna Beach.


Founded in 2014 by Greg Oerlemans and Mike Shafia, Everyone Deserves a Chance was created to give opportunity to the less fortunate and those in need of guidance in the
entertainment industry through Music, Film, and Photography.  From their Boys and Girls
club programs to helping private students struggling to find their place in the industry,
Everyone Deserves a Chance has no boundaries on who they help. They don’t judge, and they
don’t say no.


Sascha Lahti has an overwhelming need to spread the love of house music and has now started a mobile House DJ business for hire in Laguna Beach by the name of "Beat Anomaly Sound System". It has been a passion of his to start a House Music revolution in Laguna to promote peace, love and compassion. He strives to share these experiences with locals as well as the many tourists from all over the world that travel far and wide to visit Laguna Beach. His all-in-one DJ rig is able to handle small to medium-sized indoor venues as well as small-scale outdoor events. 


The mission of the Boys & Girls Club of the Laguna Beach-Teen Center (The Club), is to empower teens by providing them opportunities to plan for a successful future. They engage teens in service projects to raise their social consciousness and to help them realize their civic responsibility. The Boys & Girls Club Teen Center intentionally helps teens become better leaders for the future by helping them build resilience, exercise their critical thinking, value their expression, and discover the intrinsic reward from helping others. The teen center is a safe place for teens to go where they have positive, consistent and caring relationships with adults. Not only does the teen center provide teens with the tools they need to avoid risky behaviors, but it instills the confidence in them to reach their full potential.  It is currently located at the Canyon Branch facility. 

Contact Lauren Segal: 818.516.6959