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Human Connection Collection Face Cover Set - 3 piece

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Human Connection Collection Face Covering Mask Set (3 pieces)

This word series is a group of messages that help reduce the awkwardness of covering one’s face, hiding one’s smile, preventing one from greeting another, and feeling anxious about what is going on.

  • One-size / washable
  • Filter pocket / adjustable nose piece
  • Printed by a family-owned 40-year old brick ‘n mortar shop 
  • Raises funds for arts-based social justice non-profit organization Give a Beat

Hello - Greeting one another connects us, it breaks down barriers, allows for increased human interaction, and tells someone “I see you.”

I’m Smiling - Smiling improves the mood, lowers blood pressure and stress, is good for relationships, is contagious (in a good way :), and helps us stay positive. 

Breathe - Breathing is essential to live. It increases energy, decreases stress, relieves pain, expels toxins, and supports the immune system.

**Disclaimer: The face covering should not be used to protect oneself against contracting the virus in settings where there may be significant exposure. It is designed to prevent asymptomatic people from spreading the virus as is currently required in Los Angeles, for example. It does not reduce the need to practice all other important safety measures such as social distancing, washing hands, disinfecting surfaces, etc.

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