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Wise Creatures Collection Face Cover Set - 3 piece

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These Wise Creatures help us draw important meaning from what these times are teaching us. We are in a moment that proves to us that nothing is impossible and we must use this time to create a future that is compassionate, equitable, and sustainable for all.

  • One-size / washable
  • Filter pocket / adjustable nose piece
  • Printed by a family-owned 40-year old brick ‘n mortar shop 
  • Raises funds for music-based social justice non-profit organization Give a Beat

The Hummingbird symbolizes gratitude, finding joy in small things, it is capable of amazing feats, and can lift us out of negativity building our resiliency.

The Butterfly symbolizes transformation and metamorphosis. The “butterfly effect” tells us that even our smallest actions or inactions have a ripple effect.

The Elephant symbolizes kindness and strength, wisdom and stamina, community and unity, and “never forget” what is possible when people come together.

**Disclaimer: The face covering should not be used to protect oneself against contracting the virus in settings where there may be significant exposure. It is designed to prevent asymptomatic people from spreading the virus as is currently required in Laguna Beach, for example. It does not reduce the need to practice all other important safety measures such as social distancing, washing hands, disinfecting surfaces, etc.

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